My third Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition world came out of my desire to create a hex-based map, and the world is simply called HexWorld. Unlike my other two 2E worlds, HexWorld will start with regional maps and then expand outwards.

HexWorld is meant to be a shared world and all non-rules portions of the HexWorld campaign setting (including all hex maps) are subject to the Creative Commons license [attribution, noncommercial, share-alike]. The (modified) text below is taken from the Knightfall’s Notes PDF file.

Carolinga Region

The map below is my first creation for HexWorld. While I do not have an overall concept for the region, I will be focusing on the coastal land that I have named Carolinga.

It will be a human-dominated kingdom. Its people will make their living primarily as farmers and fishers, and the land’s king will be a fair and just ruler. Political intrigue won’t be a strong aspect of Carolinga’s society. Instead, the kingdom must deal with dangerous creatures from the Ebon Marsh and Maarmere, as well as the land’s main martial rival, Kherol.

Carolingans are a hardy lot that tend to fight first. Thus, it isn’t surprising that its young people often choose to become adventurers. For now, Carolinga will be my design. Once I have the basic framework done, I will open it up for interpretation by others. Until then, I am gladly giving up the design of Kherol to those who wish to make it their own. The rules for Kherol are that the land must be Carolinga’s rival and be strongly martial with an emphasis on horsemanship. Kherol’s racial makeup is human, half-orc, and goblinoid (especially hobgoblin).

I will try very hard to take a hands-off approach to Kherol. Here are some other guidelines for the map: Daarholg and Daargal — two dwarven kingdoms (bitter rivals); Divve — was once part of Carolinga (ranching is common); Dwellûn — a land of elves, dwarves, and gnomes (Carolinga’s main ally); Krail — an independent trade town (mainly a human community); Shēo — an independent city-state (mixture of races); Sylvair — an old elven kingdom (half-elves shunned); Valestone — a land of mystery (Kherol’s people fear the denizens of this land).

HexWorld: Carolinga Region

HexWorld: Carolinga Region

Caro (pop. – 25,000) [Capital] — Caro is the most important city in Carolinga, and it will definitely be the largest human-dominated city in the region. Caro sits near the center of the kingdom, but its history is firmly entrenched in the western half of the country. Carolinga used to be two countries that were at war with each other. Caro has always been the capital of the western lands, once known as Carolia. (The eastern lands used to be called Linge.) Political tensions aren’t usually a concern between the west and east, but some old rivalries do die hard, especially amongst the nobility. The king*, a fair and just ruler, has done all he can to make Carolinga a kingdom for all his subjects.

Klyn (pop. – 8,500) — Once an independent city-state before it allied itself with Caro, Klyn has rough and tumble seafaring culture. But don’t call the sailors here pirates; they consider themselves to be standouts amongst the sailing men of Carolinga’s naval men. The citizens of nearby Kherol consider them little more than paid privateers willing to raid Carolinga’s enemies.

Western Carolinga

Western Carolinga


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