Knightfall’s Notes

A few years ago I attempted to put out a personal e-zine for AD&D 2E. I called it Knightfall’s Notes, but I only every finished one issue, which wasn’t even a full issue. It was more of a prequel issue. The PDF file was original uploaded on my old Walk the Road wiki, which is now gone the way of the dodo bird. Thus, the file needs a new home, and “KFAaO” fits the bill perfectly. (The file had been uploaded to my AD&D 2E Facebook group [Knightfall’s AD&D 2E Worlds], but I’ve now deleted it. )

Issue #0: KFs_Notes1

I won’t be producing any more PDF issues of Knightfall’s Notes, but if I have a AD&D 2E article (unrelated to Kulan or Rielun) I want to share, it will be part of an article series that will be titled in homage to Knightfall’s Notes. I haven’t decided what article series title will be yet, but I do know it won’t have Knightfall as part of its name.

Advanced Notes, maybe? Or Old School Notes?

I’d like to hear everyone’s suggestions.

Default Assumptions for all my AD&D 2E Worlds

1) Set in the classic 2E Planescape universe.

2) Each has a place in the standard Spelljammer setting; however, The Second World’s sphere is isolated from Spelljamming while Warped World is the exact opposite. Spelljamming will be a factor in its development. HexWorld will fall in somewhere between.

3) There will be portals between worlds. I haven’t decided the logistics yet, but portals to The Second World will be rare, while portals to Warped World will be numerous. I haven’t decided for HexWorld yet. Note that these portals won’t always be between my 2E worlds. A few will connect them to the classic TSR worlds.


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