Odyssey World [Talus]

World Concept: Christopher West’s Lands of Mystery from DUNGEON Magazine combined with the Maztica Campaign Set and the AD&D 2E ODYSSEY Jakandor sourcebooks. (I ended up tossing in Council of Wyrms too.)

D&D Edition?: I have thoughts about which version of D&D to use. First, it would be easiest to use AD&D 2E since both Maztica, Jakandor, and Council of Wyrms were all created during the 2E era. Second, since this new world will exist in the same cosmology as World of Kulan, it would be logical to use the D&D v.3.5 rules. It’s not a given that this new “World of Mystery” has to use v.3.5 since I already have a Castles & Crusades world in the Mirrored Cosmology. But it would be easier. There is a v.3.5 fan conversion available for Maztica, which could help link Kulan with this new setting. Also, I just bought a copy of DRAGON Magazine #320, which has a great looking article (pp. 36-45) in it by Mike McArtor that allows player’s to create Dragon PCs.

The Decision: AD&D 2nd Edition!
Here is where I’m going with this new world, which is entitled Odyssey World. The Lands of Mystery map from DUNGEON Magazine will be the core region of the world. I’m hoping that most of the standard modules will fit into this region. Jakandor will be beyond this region, however, as will Maztica.

Council of Wyrms will likely be on the other side of the world in the opposite direction of Maztica. The Creative Campaigning book is included for the Lost World of Chanak. While it’s in its own demiplane, it is part of this new world. Perhaps it lies in the center of the world like Hollow World is for Mystara. Or maybe I’ll change its design to put it in the same Crystal Sphere with Odyssey World. Perhaps its red sun orbits Odyssey’s yellow sun at the edge of the system. Chanak’s civilization isn’t aware of Odyssey World, but there are those on the world who are aware of Chanak.

Odyssey World: Lands of Mystery

Odyssey World: Lands of Mystery

More World Background
The Lands of Mystery map will be core region for the ODYSSEY WORLD Campaign Setting. The AD&D 2E adventures Cleric’s Challenge, Dragon Mountain (boxed set), The Lost Shrine of Bundushatur, Reverse Dungeon, Swamplight, and Wand of Archeal, as well as the adventures from the Dungeons of Despair anthology will be all set in this region.

The nature of Dragon Mountain, however, makes it possible to set it almost anywhere, but I’m inclined to put in this region, regardless. Tale of the Comet (boxed adventure) might actually end up being set in the island chain of Council of Wyrms (boxed set). Technology vs. dragons is an interesting scenario.

I’ll have to judge the adventures in TSR Jam 1999 very carefully since each adventure is linked to a specific campaign setting. “Vale of the Dragon Oracle” and “The Return of the Pick-axe,” a Forgotten Realms adventure and a Greyhawk adventure, shouldn’t be to hard to include in the Lands of Mystery region. And the “Blood Feud” adventure tied to the Illithiad sourcebook will be an interesting addition to the world.

The Planescape adventure, “Manxome Foe,” and the Ravenloft adventure, “The Heart’s Final Beat,” won’t be set on the world, of course, but they will be tied to it. The Dragonlance Fifth Age adventure, “Leviathan’s Deep,” won’t be set on “Odyssey World” since it isn’t a AD&D 2E adventure. I don’t know the Fifth Age system, so I’m not going to try to convert it. The Alternity adventure, “Folds in the Tapestry,” will be linked to Tale of the Comet, although it is set on its own planet.

NOTE: I have created a stronger link between the Lands of Mystery and Maztica by adding the 2E version of Waterdeep to this region. I’m not sure where I’d put it, although it will likely be on “The Inner Sea” continent. (The 3E version of Waterdeep exists on Kulan, which is in the same cosmology as ODYSSEY WORLD, but it has a slightly different name.) I have also decided that the Jungles of Chult (FRM1) and Savage Coast lie south of the map — attached to “The Rainlands” continent.

Odyssey World: Jungles of Chult and the Savage Coast

Odyssey World: Jungles of Chult and the Savage Coast


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