The Moon of Iona

Here’s the main map I’ve created for Iona. (Note that I haven’t added rivers yet.) Beyond the boundaries of this map, there isn’t going to be very much additional development. This is the campaign region for any AD&D 2E adventures set on Talus’s moon.

The largest empire belongs to the Imperial Throne of Shing-ri, although the power of Atl’Tanis and Orhan should not be underestimated. A rising power on the moon are the denizens of the Raellands. These are technologically-empowered race from Tale of the Comet, although these Rael have less powerful technology than the Rael of the the Crystal Sphere’s 7th planet, Kel-Rael.

They are outcasts.

Calimshan, Tethyr, and Amn, will be pretty much as detailed in the Empires of the Shining Sea boxed set. Note that there is a Calimport on this moon and a New Calimport on Talus (near Chult). There are two other Realmsian-like lands on the map. Chauroan and Orcrym. (FYI… Orcrym is an orcish state, which goes against its Realmsian origins.)

Minu and Zu are both influenced by the cultures of Northern Asia. Minu will have a bit of Russia in its mix, however. Orhan will be a more a Near to Far East mixture.

Fel-Atha is a half-destroyed Greek land. Aeneavm will be based off the tale of the Aeneid (somewhat). Ibeira and vigoth are full of barbarians. Kangwa is a small homage to Africa. It will be endless jungles with surrounding savannahs.

Foosa will be influenced by Atl’Tanis, Amayn, and Kangwa. Atl’Tanis is to Talus what Atlantis is to Earth, except it’s very real.

Amayn, Corra, Roona, and Rure, as well as the Dragon Shores and the Shikii Isles will be purely fantasy inspired. The Burning Wastes and the Frozen Wastes are dangerous no-man’s-lands full of deadly monsters and environmental dangers.

Moon of Iona

Moon of Iona


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