Regions of Almagra

Here is a breakdown of all the core regions for Almagra: World of Worlds. A lot of the world will be dominated by D&D BECMI, AD&D 2E and D&D v.3.5 since those are the rulesets I prefer. Note, also, that there are regions for Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed and Iron Heroes, as well as Castles & Crusades, the Fate RPG, the Pathfinder RPG, and Savage World. The Galelands is the core D&D v.3.5 region, Lands of the Darkened Sea is the core AD&D 2E region, and The Sea of Mystaros is the core D&D BECMI region. Now that D&D 5E is out, I am going to look to develop the 5E region, which I’m now calling the Seas of Forever. It’s the only D&D 5E region, so far.

The AU setting, The Throne of Trees, will have some crossover into The Galelands, which is why I’ve added The Wicked Wilds as a buffer between the two regions. I don’t have a hook for the Iron Heroes region known as The Rime Territories, yet. These territories will likely be influenced by the D&D v.3.5 sourcebook known as Frostburn. There are now four regions that are specific to D&D Frostburn and two of them are north of The Rime Territories. Castles & Crusades has one region called Empire of Ælekandra. Fate has one region called Horned Vales. Pathfinder has one region called Mountdawn. And Savage Worlds has one region called The Valley.

Since Almagra is such huge planet, there is room for even more regions with different rulesets. For example, I don’t have a OD&D region, but it wouldn’t be hard to fit such a region into an area around the Sea of Mystaros or near one of the AD&D 1E regions. As well, I could imagine a Mutants and Masterminds 2E region based on the Warriors and Warlocks sourcebook, but it would be a longshot for me to seriously consider that ruelset for Almagra. I’m more likely to look to OSRIC or another one of the OSR games I own for the campaign world.

The D&D 4E region, Shattered Shores, has shrunk from its previous incarnation on an old version of this map. The AD&D 1E region known as The Mythlands has moved south and taken over much of the territory I had allocated for D&D 4E. There is also a new buffer region between The Mythlands and The Galelands — the Rivenlost Realms. It will be for AD&D 1E and/or 2E. I’ve added two new AD&D 2E regions — The Greentrees and Romanos. More AD&D 2E regions are very likely and some of the regions around the Sea of Mystaros are likely to end up being for AD&D 2E instead on D&D BECMI.

Of course, nothing is written in stone and never will be.

DM’s Note: I should mention that when I say BECMI, I mean the Rules Cyclopedia, although I do have all the books for the various boxed sets.

Regions of Almagra

Regions of Almagra


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