Almagra: South Pole Overview

I just fished this new overview map of Almagra’s southern hemisphere. The map shows all the keep parts of the southern polar regions including the primary D&D BECMI region known as The Sea of Mystaros. The areas south of the Icedark Sea are considered a separate region from that of the main D&D BECMI region. The regions beyond the Giants’ Gulf toward the Valley of the Immortals and The Endless Valleys are also aeparate from the core D&D BECMI region, although the connection is stronger since those areas aren’t as cold as the “Antarctic” regions. As the map moves north (downward on the map) from the Known World, the Sea of Mystaros region gives way to Almagra’s primary D&D 5E region — called Seas of Forever. All of the lands surrounding those seas are for D&D 5E even though many of the names are inspired by Mystara.

North of the massive mountain range known as World’s End Mounts is a region that is influenced by both D&D BECMI and AD&D 2E. This borderland region divided the Seas of Forever from my primary AD&D 2E region, which is known as The Lands of the Darkened Sea. Besides the Sea of Mystaros, the Lands of the Darkened Sea have had the most work down for it. I have hex map overview of the region, which I’ll likely post next once I’ve added some details to it. The lands surrounding The Darkened Sea are dark and foreboding. Imagine Ravenloft in a tropical rainforest with constant mists and tons of rain. Add to that the lands at higher elevation filled with unforgiving wilderness and cold mountain valleys.

Note that parts of this map shows the primary regions for AD&D 1E, D&D v.3.5 and D&D 4E; however, very little of those regions can be seen on the map.

The other campaign region of note on this map is the one for Arcana Unearthed. The lands around the Sea of Thrones is collectively known as The Throne of Trees; however, the region is actually divided into several distinct throne lands. Besides the Throne of Trees, which stands as a bastion of elven power in the region, there is also The Giant Throne, which is controlled by the Giant race from AU. The Dawnthrone Kingdoms are human lands. The Ruined Throne is a fallen land now filled filled with hostile forces. The Throne of Ice and The Throne of Wind and Wave don’t have hooks, yet, beyounf the names given to them. The region north (upward on the map) of the Sea of Thrones ins known mainly as The Wicked Wilds. It is a border region that divided The Throne of Trees from the world’s primary D&D v.3.5 region — The Galelands. The division isn’t as hard as that between the primary D&D 5E and AD&D 2E regions since AU is and OGL ruleset.

The map also shows regions for Castles & Crusades, Fate, Pathfinder, and RuneQuest II (new).

Almagra: The Southern Regions

Almagra: The Southern Regions


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