Odyssey World Mapmaking

A while ago on the Facebook group, I came up with a new world concept called Odyssey World, which I’ve already mentioned once here. The world has its own thread on The Piazza, but I haven’t gone back to it in a while. The world of Talus is meant to be an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition world and it is based on many classic TSR sources including a variety of material from multiple settings. It’s name comes from the ODYSSEY line of AD&D 2E products and all of those products are set on Odyssey World. A complete list of sources for the setting can be seen on The Piazza.

Lands of Mystery

The core region for Odyssey World is based off of Christoper West’s Lands of Mystery poster map from issue #150 of DUNGEON Magazine. I went so far as to import an image of the map into Campaign Cartographer 2 to create my own map. However, I never went back to it to develop it or the other CC2 maps I created for Odyssey World.

I will always use Campaign Cartographer, but I’ve also become a fan of Hexographer made by Inkwell Ideas. I’ve just recently redone my overview map of the Lands of Harqual for World of Kulan. Now I think I’m going to refresh the CC2 maps in Hexographer. It will allow me to layout the world quicker and get to other aspects of the setting’s design.


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