Almagra: Vrocian Campaign Map

It is finally done!

This map is shows the region for the new startup AD&D 2E campaign I’m setting on Almagra: World of World. The Kingdom of Vrocia is one of the various kingdoms and empires of the Mountain Valleys Region, which is a subset of the primary 2E region known as the Darkened Seas.

The Mountain Valleys Region exist quite some distance from the core area of the AD&D 2R ruleset region. In fact, the peoples of the Mountains Valleys Region have little to no contact with anyone outside of the colder valleys of the homelands. Few in the western valleys have ever traveled east of the forested elven land known as Quessir Taureandor.

The Kingdom of Vrocia is the home of the PCs. It is a very rugged land with only two cities (Ilfrey and Kalchith), which are both in the southern half of the kingdom. The Striskian Province in the heart of the kingdom while in the north is the Ifrorian Province. The largest community in that province is the large town known as Ifor, which sits in a hilly valley on the other side of the Wrijyax Mountains.

The campaign will start in the Ifrorian Province in the town named Kara’s Vale, which sits on the shores of Lake Hireta. It is one of the few larger communities that sits on the shoreline of a lake since the entire Mountain Valleys Region is hit every spring with massive floods as the snows melt. (Most of the region’s lake shore communities are built on stilts.) Kara’s Vale sits on a high hill at the edge of the lake and the Thralwash River flows around the hill before emptying into the lake.

Some important DM Note for my players: 1) Northwest of the Ifrorian Province is the rugged land known as Elligira. While the peoples of Vrocia are known for being tough, the peoples of Elligira make Vrocians seem civilized and soft in comparison. The only way to reach Elligira is either through Frostling Pass or west from the village of Northpass into the Sadrea Province of the Ailaithian Empire. Neither is advisable.

2) To the west and southwest of the Kingdom of Vrocia is the massive Ailaithian Empire, which is ruled from the Imperial City of Kluanburgh in the Zevalon Province. The empire once controlled much of the southern lands of Vrocia but that was ages ago when the empire was at its height. Relations between the empire and Vrocia are cool at the best of times. While the empire isn’t truly in decline, it is diminished after several defeats at the hands of its enemies in the distant west, as well as the powerful elven forces of Quessir Taureandor.

3) Quessir Taureandor is a massive elvish empire that rules an ancient land to the east of the Kingdom of Vrocia. The river systems in those lands are wild and unpredictable and humans fear the unpredictable nature of the massive forests and its dangerous denizens. The elves of Quessir Taureandor do not like human, but they have come to tolerate, if not respect, the less ambitious citizens of Vrocia. The King of Vrocia, Ottó Martin Gereben, has proposed peace with the elves, much to the chagrin of the Ailaithian Emperor.

4) There is a area of the northern province of Ifrorian that is considered a semi-independent land. It is called Ardocar. At its heart is a ruined city known as Oneohgan. The city is considered to be ancient, but scholars don’t know if its origins are elven or giantish. What is know is that the mountains surrounding the ancient city are extremely dangerous with all sorts of monsters. Rumors abound of ice demons in the twisted forested hills and mountains of Ardocar.

5) North of the Iforian Province is the impassible mountain range known as the Northern Icemounts. These mountains eventually become massive glaciers that extend far to the north. There are the Icelands of the Roaring Giants to the northeast while directly north of the province is the tip of a massive sheet of ice known as the Shield of the Ice Goddess. These mountains and glaciers are full of dragons, giants, and other dangers that can freeze a man’s body and soul in seconds.

Here is the fulls sized version: link.

Vrocian Campaign Map

The campaign map for my AD&D 2nd Edition PbP game that will be run on The Piazza


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