Captain Centras


The iconic Centrasan Impavid called Captain Centras is the 14th person to hold the honor of that title. Baethany Ashiran was granted the title and its associated Paragon-Icon by the Worlds’ Elders, and she is considered a pinnacle of justice and honor throughout the Dimension of Centras, as well as the Dimensions of Eternallus and The Void.

She was previous known as the Red Vulpine. Her new uniform reflects her that identity. (Each Captain Centras is allowed to choose their own uniform design.) She does, however, carry the traditional shield that goes with the title, which her predecessor had been unwilling to do.

Her predecessor was a cowardly man named Thrur Vilach who fell out of favor with the Worlds’ Elders after he led a disastrous foray into the Hell Realm, which resulted in an entire legion of the Battalion League being slaughtered by a horde of Hellion’s demons.

Thrur fled back to Centras to save his own life leaving his soldier’s behind. His immediate subordinate stayed and fought with the soldiers against the demons, saving many of them. Baethany was that leader, and after Thrur was stripped of his title and the Centras Paragon-Icon in disgrace, both were passed on to Baethany.

The legions of the Battalion League consider her their supreme commander and would follower her back into the Hell Realm if she chose to lead them there again. And while she is not officially their commander, she feels a strong kinship to them. She often champions their rights when dealing with the political aspects of being Captain Centras.

Her home is the Reality Realm known as Rhippex — an ethereal realm of flame. She is from the main, central planetoid of that realm, Llataru. Her home city is the beauteous, silver-spired Ophima on the small, southernmost continent. She is beloved by the varied alien peoples of Llataru, but she is only grudgingly well-thought-of throughout many of the other planetoids. This has to do with the fact she is not a member of one of the traditional high clans of Rhippex.

Captain Centras has many villains that call her their nemesis including her former leader, Thrur Vilach, who escaped from his imprisonment soon after his disgrace. He now goes by his former heroic name, Crisscross, but he has fallen into darkness and utter villainy. Thrur is obsessed with killing Baethany and taking back the Centras Paragon-Icon. Captain Centras also often comes into conflict with such villains as the Bronze Butcher and Razordog, as well as Hellion and the team of powered villains that work for him known as the Chosen Few of Hellion.

Baethany rarely has time for relationships, but it is rumored that she once had a liaison with Electric Arrow before becoming Captain Centras. Their relationship now is, adversarial and complicated.


As with each Captain who is given the Centras Paragon-Icon, Baethany’s powers are unique. She was already highly agile and wise beyond her years, which helped her survive the Hell Realm and save many of the League’s soldiers. Also, as a denizen of Rhippex, she is naturally hardy with a touch of quicksilver in her blood.

As Captain Centras, she has gained amazing magical powers that help her fight Hellion’s minions (and other evil magicians). She is a master of air and fire magic. The icon has enhanced her agility to herculean levels and granted her exceptional strength. She is now three times as strong as she was without the icon.

Her blood now looks like mercury and is pure flame when exposed to the air, and she can project flames from her entire body as a wave of force energy. She can significantly heat the air around her but rarely does so when innocents are nearby. Her skin is always warm, and she can cause it to be scalding to the touch with a mere thought.

She is only slightly vulnerable to the cold or to ice-based powers. She is more vulnerable to being submerged in water.

Rogues Gallery

  • Bronze Butcher
  • Chosen Few of Hellion
  • Crisscross
  • Hellion
  • Razordog

Other Details

Real Name: Baethany Ashiran

Alias: Red Vulpine

First Appearance: Open Source Characters

Facebook Group (June 2016)

Created by: Robert Blezard


Captain Centras is designed to be an “Open-Source Character” for use by anyone. This includes the Dimension of Centras and more specifically the character’s home realm of Rhippex. The only condition upon using the character is this paragraph must be included in any appearance(s):

“The character of Captain Centras, and the setting of the Dimension of Centras are available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Captain Centras, the Realm of Rhippex, or the Dimension of Centras, in order that others may use these properties as they wish. All rights reversed.”

Captain Centras

Captain Centras (created with HeroMachine 3)


Helix of Centras


Helix Kheros is a third-generation Impavid Hero of the Kheros Family whose powers have been passed down from grandfather to father to son. (This process is done through a familial relic known as a Paragon-Icon.) He is a primary character of the Dimension of Centras setting.

Originating from the solar realm known as Zhaunal, Helix’s home world is the sixth planet of the system, which is known as Anuthra. He was born and raised in the city known as Utria, The Shimmering City. He was born in the Year of Gathering Light (circa 1913, on Earth).

Helix was raised from an early age to become a Protector in the service of the Worlds’ Elders, as his parents were before him. His father, Tiberion Kheros, retired as Protector in Helix’s 35th year (*), and passed the paragon-icon to Helix. His mother, Ceriva Hec-Kheros, continued her role as a Protector until her death in the Year of the Dark Swarm on the Zhaunal calendar (circa 1954).

Helix continued to serve the Worlds’ Elders and battled such arch-villains as Hellion (from the Hell Realm) and the Alpha Titans (from Earth Alpha). He fought alongside his sister, Argent Kheros, who inherited their mother’s Paragon-Icon, as well as the alien hero known as Shadowstar. He also befriended and traveled with the oddball man known as The High Hunter.

In Helix’s 47th year (circa 1960), he met a group of dimensional travelers (the Evernauts) who had somehow managed to get trapped in Dimension of the Void. At first, he thought they were invaders from Earth Alpha, but after a pitched battle where they fought alongside the Anuthrans against the tyrants of Vreggos, he accepted them as allies and friends.

This bond of friendship became great affection for the unassuming lady who would become known throughout Centras as Lady Jenna. This bond was strengthened after Argent’s death at the hand of Hellion. Before she died, Argent Kheros passed her Paragon-Icon to Lady Jenna, forever binding her to House Kheros.

* NOTE: Denizens of the Dimension of Centras live longer than humans do and Zhaunals, in particular, tend to live longer than most. 35 years of age in the Realm of Zhaunal would be considered to be equivalent to 21 years of age on Earth.


Helix has three key powers while in the Dimension of Centras.

  • Density
  • Flight
  • Herculean Strength

Rogues Gallery

  • Alpha Titans
  • Changeling
  • Gueneverix
  • Hellion

Other Details

Real Name: Helix Kheros

Alias: n/a

First Appearance: DeviantArt (2016) 

Created by: Robert Blezard


Helix of Centras is designed to be an “Open-Source Character” for use by anyone. This includes the Dimension of Centras and the names of relatives, allies, and enemies. The only condition upon using the character is this paragraph must be included in any appearance(s):

“The character of Helix of Centras and the setting of the Dimension of Centras are available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Helix of Centras or the Dimension of Centras, in order that others may use these properties as they wish. All rights reversed.”


Helix of Centras (created with HeroMachine 3)

Dimension of Centras

The Dimension of Centras is “Open-Source Heroic Setting” that can exist in any Open-Source universe. While it is designed to revolve around the character known as Helix of Centras (its most famous hero), it can be used without referring to that character or the Kheros Family.

Within the setting are multiple worlds and other dimensions that can also be used. The primary Reality Realm of the setting is called Zhaunal. It is a solar realm that has fifteen planets with the sixth planet, Anuthra, being the most important in the realm. Anuthra is the home world of the Kheros Family.

The Dimension of Centras is considered to be a neo-Silver Age setting with many strange facets. There are not only powered Impavid Heroes but also aliens (including extra-dimensional beings), strange magic, twisted mutations, weird science, and both extra-dimensional & time travel.

There are five main Reality Realms in the dimension that each have a system of planets. Zhaunal [earth, water] is the core realm of the setting. The other four realms in order of importance are as follows: Rhippex [air, fire], Amathai [fire], Iianium [air], and Eobbeodalar [earth].

There are nine minor Reality Realms that exist as well. Of the nine, there are only two with set names — The Hell Realm [earth, fire] and Kraessiadolon [water]. The other seven Reality Realms have been left unnamed for others to “fill in” in their own works. It does not matter if future works create different Reality Realms that add up to more than seven. In different “Open-Source” universes, there can be an infinite number of variations.

Centras is ruled by an elite group of retired Impavids who have passed on the bulk of their powers to the next generation through relics known as Paragon-Icons. This group is known as the Worlds’ Elders. The group is charged with the protection of the dimension from any enemies that try to subvert or conquer any realm of Centras. Old heroes that retire from active duty are considered to have a place for life among the Worlds’ Elders, but if a member is convicted of treason (or another capital crime), they can be removed through a majority vote with at least 75% of the membership present.

The Worlds’ Elders are served by many (but not all) of the powered Impavid Heroes of Centras, as well as the elite force of low-powered Impavids known as the Battalion League. There are other powerful powered groups in the dimension, but most of them are mercenary groups that either work independently (like the infamous Red Raptorians) or for private organizations, such as the Centras Banking Conglomerate. The Dimension of Centras has a multitude of such powerful organizations spread across its many Reality Realms.

The relics known as Paragon-Icons are controlled almost exclusively by the Paragons of Centras — powerful families and/or groups descended from the original heroes who stood against the Archdevil in the Paragonian War over a thousand years ago. The most powerful Paragon Families are the following: Kheros, Thelas, and Zuastia. These three families all have both a matriarchal and a patriarchal Paragon-Icon controlled by two different keepers. All the other families only have one icon (either a matriarch or a patriarch icon).

The denizens of Centras are aware of several other extra-dimensions and/or distant realities. The most important of these are listed below:

  • Dimension of Eternallus
  • Dimension of the Void
  • Earth (the world as it existed in 1968)
  • Earth Alpha (late Twentieth Century with Impavid Heroes)
  • Earth Beta (1930s Earth Níor Horror)
  • White Limbo

The Dimension of Eternallus, the Dimension of the void, and White Limbo are all considered major aspects of the Dimension of Centras setting. Earth Alpha is also important due to the team of powered villains, called the Alpha Titans, from that alternate Earth. However, both Earth Alpha and Earth Beta are considered minor aspects of the setting.


The license below is for all aspects of the Dimension of Centras setting. This includes the names of all realms, dimensions, worlds, locales, heroes, villains, minor characters, creatures, and impossible technology created specifically for the setting, as well as all the text on this page that details the setting’s background, history, and possible futures. Note that if an aspect of the setting doesn’t have it’s own Open-Source notation, it should be assumed that that aspect falls under this one.

“The setting of the Dimension of Centras is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving the Dimension of Centras, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.”

The goal for this setting is for it to be a no-holds-barred Open-Source creation with no limits. It was created on a whim — inspired by the “Open-Source Character” known as Jenny Everywhere. That character, as well as other “open” characters can and will have a place in the setting, but the main heroes of the setting are the Kheros Family and their allies.

First Online Appearance PDSH wiki (May 2016)
Major Characters Blueleaf, The Bronze Robot (android), Captain Centras, Doctor Chronos (magician/time traveler), Electric Arrow (vigilante), Gueneverix (villain), Helix of Centras, Hellion (arch-villain), The High Hunter, Iron MarksmanLady JennaLady JensLady Ruin (villain), Locum (arch-villain), Lord Jonns, Master Simian (arch-villain), Razordog (villain), RedleafShadowstar, and Wild Inferno
Major Organization Apeixxi Media, Centras Banking Conglomerate, Elysium Holdings, Fluxtechnologies, The World Elders, and Worldwares
Paragon Families Authren, Inna, Kheros, Mastor, Merodach, Ozhan, Salvian, Thelas, Uhago, Yaktin, and Zuastia
Teams Alpha Titans (villains), Battalion League (soldiers), Chosen Few of Hellion (villains), Crux Knights, The Evernauts, Law Oracles (mercs), The Myriads (villains), Paramounts, Red Raptorians (mercs), and The Silver Seraphs
Setting Style Neo-Silver Age
Created by Robert Blezard

Ragnarok Online 2

My latest fantasy world obsession is a MMO JRPG called Ragnarok Online 2. I had signed up to play it back in 2015, but my old PC couldn’t handle the interface. Now, with my laptop, I’m delving into this fanatical Midgard with bizarre creatures and interesting viewscapes.

Like this one…

Mesik the Wanderer

That’s my character, Mesik, standing high above the Sograt Desert. If you know the background of my Compaions of Harqual, you’ll recognize that name as one of the supporting NPCs. In this world, Mesik has the leading role as Master Rogue (currently level 27). The floating construct is his Guardian, which allows him a burst of speed.

Here is another shot on the mount high above Hasut Town. Mesik is quite the wanderer in this game. Heh.

Above Hasut Town

My Mystara: Sundered Thyatis

I’ve been working on this map in Hexographer for the last week or so. Once I had my main overview map for The World Unknown finished, I immediately felt a need to create this map. I will be doing the region to the north of Sundered Thyatis before moving west to do the regions I really want to do.

There is a lot on the map, and I don’t explanations for everything yet. I will link this post to my group on Facebook, as well as the Mystara Facebook group.


EDIT: FYI, I’m revising this map. I wasn’t happy with the borders.


Sundered Thyatis for the World Unknown

My Mystara: The Farend Continents

A friend of mine noted an error on The Piazza regarding my campaign expansion for my version of Mystara. So, I’ve decided to add the maps here so that he can see them. I’m still going to re-engineer the campaign expansion region in Hexographer so it matches what I’m doing with the other parts of the world.


Initial map design

This is the first version of the map before I decided to enlarge the continents as per the next image below.


Knightfall’s Mystara (work in progress)


I have changed this map since I originally posted in on The Piazza, but it’s not 100% finalized yet. I need to add rivers to several of the landmasses.

The larger continent is known as Sovathia while the smaller southern continent is called Davusia. The massive island to the west of Sovathia is called Tilaphae, the southern island group is known as the Isles of the Avendhi, and the main northeastern island is called Ziaguria.

Once I’ve added the rivers, I’ll post the completed map here as well.

My Mystara: The World Unknown

These two maps are the starting point for my own version of Mystara, which I’m calling The World Unknown. The setting has been devastated by an invasion from alien-like Immortals from beyond Mystaraspace. These alien Immortals invaded using massive asteroids/meteors that they directed at Mystara. After impact, the primordial Immortal beings crawled from the craters, along with armies of minions, and laid waste to much of the world.

This first map is, of course, the tradition region of the world of Mystara, the Known World. A great deal of this region has been destroyed by The Undying Devastation. (The invading Immortals refer to themselves as the Undying.)


The World Unknown

This second map shows northern Davania as in appears s part of The World Unknown. This map is less complete than the one above and is likely going to be modified a lot more. In this new Mystara, Davania’s power has grown with the destruction of so much in the northern lands.



Davania Rising

There is another Campaign Cartographer map that details a campaign expansion. However, I’m going to modify it into a Hexographer map before posting it here.

The setting has an old thread on The Piazza, which I’m going to revive. It has been a while since I looked at The World Unknown, so I need to go through everything and refresh my memory.

The setting is meant to be a prime material world in my Mirrored Cosmology, which was originally designed to be the cosmology for World of Kulan. You can see the details about that cosmology on The Piazza: Knightfall’s Mirrored Cosmology