Almagra: Vrocian Campaign Map

It is finally done!

This map is shows the region for the new startup AD&D 2E campaign I’m setting on Almagra: World of World. The Kingdom of Vrocia is one of the various kingdoms and empires of the Mountain Valleys Region, which is a subset of the primary 2E region known as the Darkened Seas.

The Mountain Valleys Region exist quite some distance from the core area of the AD&D 2R ruleset region. In fact, the peoples of the Mountains Valleys Region have little to no contact with anyone outside of the colder valleys of the homelands. Few in the western valleys have ever traveled east of the forested elven land known as Quessir Taureandor.

The Kingdom of Vrocia is the home of the PCs. It is a very rugged land with only two cities (Ilfrey and Kalchith), which are both in the southern half of the kingdom. The Striskian Province in the heart of the kingdom while in the north is the Ifrorian Province. The largest community in that province is the large town known as Ifor, which sits in a hilly valley on the other side of the Wrijyax Mountains.

The campaign will start in the Ifrorian Province in the town named Kara’s Vale, which sits on the shores of Lake Hireta. It is one of the few larger communities that sits on the shoreline of a lake since the entire Mountain Valleys Region is hit every spring with massive floods as the snows melt. (Most of the region’s lake shore communities are built on stilts.) Kara’s Vale sits on a high hill at the edge of the lake and the Thralwash River flows around the hill before emptying into the lake.

Some important DM Note for my players: 1) Northwest of the Ifrorian Province is the rugged land known as Elligira. While the peoples of Vrocia are known for being tough, the peoples of Elligira make Vrocians seem civilized and soft in comparison. The only way to reach Elligira is either through Frostling Pass or west from the village of Northpass into the Sadrea Province of the Ailaithian Empire. Neither is advisable.

2) To the west and southwest of the Kingdom of Vrocia is the massive Ailaithian Empire, which is ruled from the Imperial City of Kluanburgh in the Zevalon Province. The empire once controlled much of the southern lands of Vrocia but that was ages ago when the empire was at its height. Relations between the empire and Vrocia are cool at the best of times. While the empire isn’t truly in decline, it is diminished after several defeats at the hands of its enemies in the distant west, as well as the powerful elven forces of Quessir Taureandor.

3) Quessir Taureandor is a massive elvish empire that rules an ancient land to the east of the Kingdom of Vrocia. The river systems in those lands are wild and unpredictable and humans fear the unpredictable nature of the massive forests and its dangerous denizens. The elves of Quessir Taureandor do not like human, but they have come to tolerate, if not respect, the less ambitious citizens of Vrocia. The King of Vrocia, Ottó Martin Gereben, has proposed peace with the elves, much to the chagrin of the Ailaithian Emperor.

4) There is a area of the northern province of Ifrorian that is considered a semi-independent land. It is called Ardocar. At its heart is a ruined city known as Oneohgan. The city is considered to be ancient, but scholars don’t know if its origins are elven or giantish. What is know is that the mountains surrounding the ancient city are extremely dangerous with all sorts of monsters. Rumors abound of ice demons in the twisted forested hills and mountains of Ardocar.

5) North of the Iforian Province is the impassible mountain range known as the Northern Icemounts. These mountains eventually become massive glaciers that extend far to the north. There are the Icelands of the Roaring Giants to the northeast while directly north of the province is the tip of a massive sheet of ice known as the Shield of the Ice Goddess. These mountains and glaciers are full of dragons, giants, and other dangers that can freeze a man’s body and soul in seconds.

Here is the fulls sized version: link.

Vrocian Campaign Map

The campaign map for my AD&D 2nd Edition PbP game that will be run on The Piazza


Almagra: Core Region of the Mountain Valley(s) Region

I’ve been working on this map all week and it is finally done to a point that I’m happy with in order to showcase it here. Note that the larger Mountains Valleys Region that this core area is a part of is located near (well, near for Almagra) to the Lands of the Darkened Sea. In truth, it is considered part of that campaign ruleset-region for AD&D 2nd Edition, but it’s so isolate from the Darkened Sea that it is really its own location. That will likely be true for ALL of World of Worlds ruleset-regions.

The image doesn’t have any names on it yet. Its does have icons, borders, roads, and shipping lanes, however. Each hex is equal to 80 miles.

Almagra: World of Worlds AD&D 2E: Mountain Valleys Region (Core)

Almagra: World of Worlds
AD&D 2E: Mountain Valleys Region (Core)

Moons of Almagra

I had two groups on Facebook that had content for Almagra. Originally, I had created a catch all group called “Otherworlds” but I then created a group specifically for Almagra. Along with my old AD&D 2E group, there was too much redundancy. so, I’ve deleted the AD&D 2E group and the second Almagra group. Now, there is only one Facebook group for Almagra and Otherworlds.

As part of the move back to one catch-all group (not including Time of Ages or World of Kulan, however), I’ve moved all my maps for the Moons of Almagra into a album on the group. There are maps for four of the seven moons in Almagraspace — “Burning Moon” (3rd), “Ice Moon” (6th), “Small Moon” (4th), and “Strange Moon” (2nd). While I don’t have true names for the moons of Almagra yet, the descriptive names give some idea of what each moo is all about.

I have decided that “Strange Moon” will use D&D v.3.5, so that I can use templates to twist the PC races into what I want them to be for the world. As well, “Burning Moon” likely will also use D&D v.3.5, so I can build the setting around the sourcebook Sandstorm. “ice Moon” will be a AD&D 2E sub-setting and will be tied into using the classic version of Spelljammer. I haven’t decided anything for “Small Moon” yet. I could go off the map and pick a non-D&D ruleset since the world is very small — OSRIC, maybe, or another OSR game.

The other moons don’t have maps, and I’m not sure I’ll need them for a while. I do know that “Death Moon” will use either AD&D 2E and/or D&D v.3.5 depending on how I tie the villainous inhabitants of the moon to the other moon settings. Almagra’s 7th moon will be designed as an classic AD&D 2E Spelljammer air world. The super-world’s 1st moon won’t be a setting. It is a lifeless moon that is important more for the societies and religions of Almagra and “Strange Moon.”

"Burning Moon" of Almagra

“Burning Moon” of Almagra

Regions of Almagra

Here is a breakdown of all the core regions for Almagra: World of Worlds. A lot of the world will be dominated by D&D BECMI, AD&D 2E and D&D v.3.5 since those are the rulesets I prefer. Note, also, that there are regions for Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed and Iron Heroes, as well as Castles & Crusades, the Fate RPG, the Pathfinder RPG, and Savage World. The Galelands is the core D&D v.3.5 region, Lands of the Darkened Sea is the core AD&D 2E region, and The Sea of Mystaros is the core D&D BECMI region. Now that D&D 5E is out, I am going to look to develop the 5E region, which I’m now calling the Seas of Forever. It’s the only D&D 5E region, so far.

The AU setting, The Throne of Trees, will have some crossover into The Galelands, which is why I’ve added The Wicked Wilds as a buffer between the two regions. I don’t have a hook for the Iron Heroes region known as The Rime Territories, yet. These territories will likely be influenced by the D&D v.3.5 sourcebook known as Frostburn. There are now four regions that are specific to D&D Frostburn and two of them are north of The Rime Territories. Castles & Crusades has one region called Empire of Ælekandra. Fate has one region called Horned Vales. Pathfinder has one region called Mountdawn. And Savage Worlds has one region called The Valley.

Since Almagra is such huge planet, there is room for even more regions with different rulesets. For example, I don’t have a OD&D region, but it wouldn’t be hard to fit such a region into an area around the Sea of Mystaros or near one of the AD&D 1E regions. As well, I could imagine a Mutants and Masterminds 2E region based on the Warriors and Warlocks sourcebook, but it would be a longshot for me to seriously consider that ruelset for Almagra. I’m more likely to look to OSRIC or another one of the OSR games I own for the campaign world.

The D&D 4E region, Shattered Shores, has shrunk from its previous incarnation on an old version of this map. The AD&D 1E region known as The Mythlands has moved south and taken over much of the territory I had allocated for D&D 4E. There is also a new buffer region between The Mythlands and The Galelands — the Rivenlost Realms. It will be for AD&D 1E and/or 2E. I’ve added two new AD&D 2E regions — The Greentrees and Romanos. More AD&D 2E regions are very likely and some of the regions around the Sea of Mystaros are likely to end up being for AD&D 2E instead on D&D BECMI.

Of course, nothing is written in stone and never will be.

DM’s Note: I should mention that when I say BECMI, I mean the Rules Cyclopedia, although I do have all the books for the various boxed sets.

Regions of Almagra

Regions of Almagra


Here is the layout for the Crystal Sphere for Almagraspace. Almagra sits at the center of the crystal shell and the sphere’s primary and secondary suns orbit the World of Worlds. The primary sun/fire body orbits in the fourth position, and it is larger than Earth’s yellow sun. (I’d say at least 1-1/2 times the size.) The secondary sun/fire body is a huge red giant that has slowly begun to dim. It’s energy isn’t strong enough to reach Almagra, but it does appear in the night sky as a semi-bright red star.

  • Almagra (Primary)
  • First Moon (Moon-like, no native life)
  • Second Moon (“Strange Moon”)
  • Third Moon (“Burning Moon”)
  • Yellow Sun/Fire Body (Larger than our Sun)
  • Fourth Moon (“Small Moon” [primitive])
  • Fifth Moon (“Death Moon”)
  • Sixth Moon (“Ice Moon” [half the size of Earth])
  • Seventh Moon (an Air World/Gas Giant [largest planet-moon])
  • Red Sun/Fire Body (Huge [burning out])

The third moon will not be habitable by normal life. It will be the domain of elementals (and maybe genies). The fifth moon will be a dead world overrun with evil undead walking its wastelands and nasty aberrations living in domed cities. The seventh world will be an airy, heaven-like planet that is in risk of dying alongside the red sun. Its inhabitants are trying to refire the old red giant, which could have consequences for the rest of Almagraspace.

The distance between Almagra and the first Fire Body will likely be about the distance between our solar system’s sun and Mars, which is why it will be larger. Now, I’m not sure if Almagra’s size would have an effect on how much solar energy the world receives. And my plan for the red giant (second Fire Body) was always to have it at the end of the system. Initially, I think, I had planned for the yellow star to be the primary and have Almagra be where the sun is now and have everything else rotate Almagra.

A friend of mine asked me this question on The Piazza: “A quick question before I go to bed: how Amalgraspace fit into Spelljammer cannon? For example, with Mystaraspace and Mystara having a a presence on Amalgra, would both be able to fit into the same universe? Or would Amalgraspace be in an entirely different universe?”

Here’s the answer: I think Almagraspace would be set in its own universe. It wouldn’t have to be set apart from Mystara, but I’d want to separate it from the official BECMI version. I seem to remember that Mystara doesn’t get much of a mention in Spelljammer canon, so Almagraspace could be an alternate version of the setting set in the core Spelljammer universe.

It definitely isn’t part of my Mirrored Cosmology or my Steampunk Spelljammer Cosmology. It could be the basis for a unique version of Spelljammer where Almagra is not only the center of its own Crystal Sphere but also the center of its own universe.

DM’s Note: World of Worlds will likely have alternate versions of parts of Oerth and Toril on it as well, but the recreations won’t be as substantial as the Sea of Mystaros region. The recreations will be based on the hotter areas of those worlds, so that I won’t have to change as much as I’ll have to do with the BECMI region. (However, there will be a version of the Free City of Greyhawk somewhere on the world [but not a version of Waterdeep — that’s for Kulan and Talus]. For the Toril recreations, I’m looking more towards the Shining South and, maybe, the Serpent Kingdoms.) I’ll probably place the recreations in the AD&D 1E region or D&D v.3.5 region (1E for GH and 3E for FR). I want to create something unique for the AD&D 2E region. Nothing is written in stone, however.

More from Facebook

David Wrote: Interesting problem you have here. Being able to use Spelljammer to go from one world to another is part of the reason why I tend to not want to do a mash-up of worlds.

If you want to have Amalgra and also have the settings from Amalgra in other places, I guess you are going to need some sort of “replication” process built into the history of Amalgra.

There are plenty of stories of communities getting “migrated” from one world to another in D&D history. Mystara has stuff being pulled from the Known World and dumped onto the Hollow World. Forgotten Realms has elves that arrived from other worlds, enslaved humans and Returned Abeir.

I’ve spoken about some sort of process for “cloning” locations on both Mystara and Greyhawk (mostly Blackmoor).

Maybe you need some sort of group that “clones” other worlds.

My Reply: David, your suggestion about cloning is an interesting one since I’ve already used that process for The Transformation for Lands of Harqual on Kulan. It could work here too. I’m still not sure though.

Almagra: World of Worlds

Almagra is a super world that I first created while playing around with the Fractal Terrains demo from Profantasy Software Ltd. The planet is massive with a circumference of 500,000 miles. It’s highest peak is 100,000 feet above sea level while its deepest ocean trenches are 100,000 feet below sea level. The world is one of the strangest RPG worlds I’ve ever come up with and it will be the flagship world for this blog. Since its creation first took place in my Knightfall’s Otherworlds group on Facebook (before getting its own FB group), I’ve decided that this blog will feature all other roleplaying worlds that I’ve created through that group. (Kulan won’t have a presence here, as it has its own blog (KWJ), and anything about Rielun will be blogged about on Spelljammer Gome Wild.) However, the blog will mainly be for World of Worlds.

Almagra is amalgam of various roleplaying settings and rule systems. Different sections of the world use different rulesets, although nothing is set in stone. Fluidity has become my goal and restricting based on rules won’t lead to creativity in my mind. Yes, each region will have a default ruleset; however, it will be up to each individual GM to decide how they want to use World of Worlds.

Designer’s Note: Unlike with my other blogs, I’m open to the idea of letting others be members of this blog and post about their own Otherworlds. However, I’ll be very fussy about who I let join this blog. At the very least, I’d hope they’d be either members of my Otherworlds group or members of either of two following online roleplaying communities — EN World and/or The Piazza.

The Sea of Mystaros

The main region of the world is known as the Sea of Mystaros. This area of the planet sits near the southern pole. However, the region isn’t frozen over. Almagra is a hot world, so the poles are considered temperate to subtropical in climate. However, since the mountain ranges are huge (and nearly impassible) on this world, there is considerable ice and snow at high elevations. The region shown on the map below uses the BECMI ruleset as its default and it is considered a homebrewed version of both Blackmoor and Mystara. Beyond the high mountain ranges are regions that use other rulesets. There is an unnamed D&D 5E region, which will likely get detailed now since the core rulebooks for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition are finally here. (I still don’t have the DMG, however.) The second region is known as Lands of the Darkened Sea, which uses the AD&D 2E ruleset. LotDS has seen some development, as well.