The World Unknown (Final Map)

After a lot of reworking my original hex map design, I can honestly say I am 99.5% happy with how it came out. While there are few things I could change, I’m not going to do it. Thus, the core region of my post-apocalyptic Mystara is now finished.

I am going to link this map on my ongoing thread on The Piazza. And all discussions of it should take place there.

The World Unknown

Final hex map design for the core region of The World Unknown.


Thunder Rift: New Hex Map

While reading a post on The Piazza, I became inspired to create a new hex map of the setting without being concerned about whether or not the map would fit into a particular setting whether one of mine or an official setting.

As well, the post on The Piazza had been concerned with how the rivers were flowing on the map, so I decided to rework the river system to make it seem a bit more logical. While I tried to stay true to the setting, I admit I went a little wild with the rivers. Hopefully it doesn’t look to crowded.

Also, I did not put any of the communities on the map. The only icons on this map are either waterfalls or whirlpools.



Thunder Rift: New Version

Almagra: World of Worlds

Almagra is a super world that I first created while playing around with the Fractal Terrains demo from Profantasy Software Ltd. The planet is massive with a circumference of 500,000 miles. It’s highest peak is 100,000 feet above sea level while its deepest ocean trenches are 100,000 feet below sea level. The world is one of the strangest RPG worlds I’ve ever come up with and it will be the flagship world for this blog. Since its creation first took place in my Knightfall’s Otherworlds group on Facebook (before getting its own FB group), I’ve decided that this blog will feature all other roleplaying worlds that I’ve created through that group. (Kulan won’t have a presence here, as it has its own blog (KWJ), and anything about Rielun will be blogged about on Spelljammer Gome Wild.) However, the blog will mainly be for World of Worlds.

Almagra is amalgam of various roleplaying settings and rule systems. Different sections of the world use different rulesets, although nothing is set in stone. Fluidity has become my goal and restricting based on rules won’t lead to creativity in my mind. Yes, each region will have a default ruleset; however, it will be up to each individual GM to decide how they want to use World of Worlds.

Designer’s Note: Unlike with my other blogs, I’m open to the idea of letting others be members of this blog and post about their own Otherworlds. However, I’ll be very fussy about who I let join this blog. At the very least, I’d hope they’d be either members of my Otherworlds group or members of either of two following online roleplaying communities — EN World and/or The Piazza.

The Sea of Mystaros

The main region of the world is known as the Sea of Mystaros. This area of the planet sits near the southern pole. However, the region isn’t frozen over. Almagra is a hot world, so the poles are considered temperate to subtropical in climate. However, since the mountain ranges are huge (and nearly impassible) on this world, there is considerable ice and snow at high elevations. The region shown on the map below uses the BECMI ruleset as its default and it is considered a homebrewed version of both Blackmoor and Mystara. Beyond the high mountain ranges are regions that use other rulesets. There is an unnamed D&D 5E region, which will likely get detailed now since the core rulebooks for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition are finally here. (I still don’t have the DMG, however.) The second region is known as Lands of the Darkened Sea, which uses the AD&D 2E ruleset. LotDS has seen some development, as well.