The World Unknown (Final Map)

After a lot of reworking my original hex map design, I can honestly say I am 99.5% happy with how it came out. While there are few things I could change, I’m not going to do it. Thus, the core region of my post-apocalyptic Mystara is now finished.

I am going to link this map on my ongoing thread on The Piazza. And all discussions of it should take place there.

The World Unknown

Final hex map design for the core region of The World Unknown.


My Mystara: The Farend Continents

A friend of mine noted an error on The Piazza regarding my campaign expansion for my version of Mystara. So, I’ve decided to add the maps here so that he can see them. I’m still going to re-engineer the campaign expansion region in Hexographer so it matches what I’m doing with the other parts of the world.


Initial map design

This is the first version of the map before I decided to enlarge the continents as per the next image below.


Knightfall’s Mystara (work in progress)


I have changed this map since I originally posted in on The Piazza, but it’s not 100% finalized yet. I need to add rivers to several of the landmasses.

The larger continent is known as Sovathia while the smaller southern continent is called Davusia. The massive island to the west of Sovathia is called Tilaphae, the southern island group is known as the Isles of the Avendhi, and the main northeastern island is called Ziaguria.

Once I’ve added the rivers, I’ll post the completed map here as well.

My Mystara: The World Unknown

These two maps are the starting point for my own version of Mystara, which I’m calling The World Unknown. The setting has been devastated by an invasion from alien-like Immortals from beyond Mystaraspace. These alien Immortals invaded using massive asteroids/meteors that they directed at Mystara. After impact, the primordial Immortal beings crawled from the craters, along with armies of minions, and laid waste to much of the world.

This first map is, of course, the tradition region of the world of Mystara, the Known World. A great deal of this region has been destroyed by The Undying Devastation. (The invading Immortals refer to themselves as the Undying.)


The World Unknown

This second map shows northern Davania as in appears s part of The World Unknown. This map is less complete than the one above and is likely going to be modified a lot more. In this new Mystara, Davania’s power has grown with the destruction of so much in the northern lands.



Davania Rising

There is another Campaign Cartographer map that details a campaign expansion. However, I’m going to modify it into a Hexographer map before posting it here.

The setting has an old thread on The Piazza, which I’m going to revive. It has been a while since I looked at The World Unknown, so I need to go through everything and refresh my memory.

The setting is meant to be a prime material world in my Mirrored Cosmology, which was originally designed to be the cosmology for World of Kulan. You can see the details about that cosmology on The Piazza: Knightfall’s Mirrored Cosmology

Thunder Rift: New Hex Map

While reading a post on The Piazza, I became inspired to create a new hex map of the setting without being concerned about whether or not the map would fit into a particular setting whether one of mine or an official setting.

As well, the post on The Piazza had been concerned with how the rivers were flowing on the map, so I decided to rework the river system to make it seem a bit more logical. While I tried to stay true to the setting, I admit I went a little wild with the rivers. Hopefully it doesn’t look to crowded.

Also, I did not put any of the communities on the map. The only icons on this map are either waterfalls or whirlpools.



Thunder Rift: New Version

World of Greyhawk

I’ve been a fan of Greyhawk since the AD&D 2E days. The boxed set known as From the Ashes is my favorite Greyhawk product (with the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer a close second). Recently, The Piazza added a new Greyhawk sub-forum for the Chainmail setting. In the forum is a discussion thread (started in 2011) regarding the Southlands of Western Oerik and asks: why do official maps depict it as all desert?

The post that caught my eye is a short one line post by ripvanwormer. He links to a map of Oerth created by Duicarthan that substantial reduces the desert lands. It is a map I’ve seen before, but seeing it again made me think, “that would make a great Hexographer map.”

So, I began the process last week. I turned Duicarthan’s map into a PNG file and imported it into Hexographer. I traced it the best I could and added a few elements to the map myself. I used several official Greyhawk maps to eyeball the river system for the Flanaess. (I was less exact for the rest of the world and didn’t add rivers on every landmass.) It came together quickly and I’m now done with it (see below).

I will now begin the process of heavily modifying the map for my own use. It will be tentatively be entitled “My Greyhawk.” I’m not sure what will will change but it will be substantial. I’ll likely completely redo all the river systems even those in the Flanaess. Of course, like with all my secondary projects, My Greyhawk will take a backburner to World of Kulan.

World of Greyhawk

World of Greyhawk